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Appreciative Inquiry Workshop5D process
Appreciative Inquiry Workshop
Appreciative Inquiry training in English 

Designed for personal and professional development, for managers, leaders, HR, L&D professionals and independent consultants, this higly interactive workshop will equip you with both a thorough understanding of the theory and practice of Appreciative Inquiry as well as a clear plan for application with your clients, employer or staff. Appreciative Inquiry is an exciting, inclusive, sustainable, strength-based approach to organizational and personal change that ensures connection and commitment around a commonly defined vision and implementation plan, fast and at low cost!

Worshop participants will receive an Appreciative Inquiry Certificate and have access to the full Appreciative Inquiry range of advanced and specialised workshops in the fields of Strategic Planning, Human Interaction & Group Process, Appreciative Coaching, Team Building and Designing Experience Based Learning.

About the workshop

Developed over the past decade, the workshop uses an experience-based model that prepares participants to work with Appreciative Inquiry in client systems and prepares leaders and managers to use the approach for working with organizational development.

The workshop is designed for anyone who wants a solid grounding in the theory and practice of Appreciative Inquiry for personal and professional development.

Independent consultants can easily blend this new approach with their current practice; HR, L&D professionals and organization leaders will find Appreciative Inquiry invaluable when dealing with the business and human aspects of organizational change.

Fee and Logistics

The workshop will take place in Geneva 

Workshop fee: includes all materials, lunch and coffee breaks

Early Bird 
Companies and Organizations - Chf. 2900
Independent Consultants - Chf. 2480

Companies and Organizations - Chf. 3200
Independent Consultants - Chf. 2780

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