Swiss Institute for Appreciative Inquiry
Institut Suisse de l'Exploration Positive
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Appreciative Inquiry Workshop5D process
5D process
Based on the latest development in positive psychology, management and organisational development, Appreciative Inquiry involves 5 distinct steps, each supported by practical tools and enlightening scenarios:

These five steps are:

  1. The definition of a positive orientation to initiate the approach
  2. The search for experiments, experiences, and prior successes to identify what gives life to the organisation/group
  3. The identification of themes that appear or recur in the collection of experiences and successes, and the choice of subjects for later investigation
  4. The construction of a common vision of the future
  5. The search for innovative actions to achieve the "common dream"
Whether you’re either head or director of a project, company manager, HR executive, or the supervisor in charge of a small or large team, this approach will help you develop your organization with a view to adapting to change, to eliminate the impediments to your project, to unblock the situations that tend to stop any kind of project, to create a stimulating work environment, to optimise the application of everyone’s talents and to innovate in a spirit of creative collaboration.

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